Ship2Blaine is your very own US address,
that's by donation.

Our Home & Your New US Address

And you can pick-up just across the Blaine border ANY DAY of the week, 365 days a year. We know that some online companies won't ship to Canada or sometimes it's way cheaper to send to a US address. With your name and our Blaine address, you can ship gifts and online shopping purchases instantly! All you have to do is register for free so that we can email you when your parcel arrives and advise you of any changes in Pick-up Instructions. Find out more about how to ship to with Ship2Blaine.

Why do we do this?
The 2 Reasons we Offer this Service
Well, we already receive lots of parcels and packages for friends and family that live in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, so we thought...why not let others ship packages to our house in Blaine, Washington? We don't have set fees. Instead you are welcome to donate to our daughters' college funds: Jorja and Alexa pictured to the left. They (and Mom and Dad) happily accept both Canadian and American donations for their college fund bank account.

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It's quick, easy and free. And you can start shipping instantly.

For more on how to get a US address, shipping to the border, shipping to Blaine, and Blaine parcel pick-up at the Blaine border, click here.

Are you a Canadian Business in need of a US Return Address? Find out more about how you can use our address for your US Returns.