How 2 Ship

4 Easy Steps
  1. Register on our website (be sure to list all people approved to pick up your parcel)
  2. Buy your stuff using YOUR NAME and OUR ADDRESS (in the shipping address spot only)
  3. Wait for us to email you to let you know a parcel has arrived
  4. Come pick up your package anytime, just email us the day before to let us know you're coming.
NOTE: Make sure you bring a PRINTOUT of your RECEIPT/INVOICE for when you go back across the border. Packages don't always have a copy in them and you will need it to show to the customs official.

Terms & Conditions
Please read carefully, you will have to agree to these in order to Register.

We will respect your privacy and packages and ask that you respect our family. We are a working family, which means we are not always home when packages arrive. UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS will leave packages for us at our door. As soon as we get home, we bring them into our enclosed garage until they are picked up. You need to ensure that your deliveries DO NOT REQUIRE SIGNATURES (be sure to tell your eBay seller!). Because we are not usually home to sign for packages, deliveries requiring signatures will end up getting returned to the sender. Please follow Pick-Up instructions to arrange your pick-up day. You will be emailed details for picking up your parcels immediately after you Register.

We will not open your package. We ask and trust that you won't ship anything dangerous or illegal, as well as anything requiring special care (i.e. temperature control, heavy-duty equipment to move, etc.). We will ask for I.D. to ensure we are giving the package to the correct pick-up person. If you are not picking up the parcel, ensure that you have provided us with the name(s) of people you approve to pick up your parcel on their behalf and forewarn them that we will ask for I.D.

Our insurance does not cover your goods. You are shipping to our home at your own risk, or can purchase or ensure that your own insurance covers your shipment at our location. We are not responsible for lost or damaged parcels. We are also not responsible for storing parcels past 3 weeks and ask that you come pick up your parcel within that time frame, during our posted hours. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We reserve the right to change our non-existent rates at anytime. If we do decide, for any reason, to stop accepting packages we will email all registered people to let them know and ensure all packages already sent are picked up.

Here's Your U.S. Shipping Address
Please ensure you have registered before using this address.
Your Name
8765 Semiahmoo Drive
Blaine, WA 98230