Shawn was driving down the I5 last Friday, coming home from the farm with the girls, and his tire blew out. In the pouring rain with a crummy jack he finally got the spare tire on, only to discover it was half flat.

He made it to the gas station to add some air and we finally all made it home. Hopefully, unlike us, you're ordering your tires before you end up with a blow out on the freeway.

A couple months ago when my tires needed replacement we researched 3 places: Discount Tire in Bellingham, Bellingham Costco and TireRack.com. Even with the shipping cost (around $60) TireRack was the best deal, so that's where we ordered them from. We just checked all three sources again for Shawn's tires and, again, Tire Rack was the cheapest. 

In addition, we discovered that Border Tire (located right by the Pacific Highway Border Crossing) was a preferred installer of TireRack tires. You can ship them directly to their shop for the same shipping fee and they will install them for you for around $25/tire (less than Discount Tire charges).

We often get tires shipped to our house, and don't mind at all, but we thought it was pretty cool that you could ship them directly to Border Tire and they would install them for you. We thought you might like this too :)