Cruising Albertson's with their binders full of coupons.
Check out these two amazing chicks that live here in Bellingham, WA. Jen and Sunshine know every local freebie, coupon and deal for all the local shops around town and online. And they've accumulated all of their knowledge and tips into one spot -

Because many online deals need a US shipping address they wanted to find a local business that they could refer their visitors to. So they emailed us to see if it'd be okay if they put a link to our website on theirs. We were honoured, of course! Look, they wrote all kinds of nice stuff about us ;)

Not only do we love our Canadian shippers, we know our shippers love to get a good deal. It seems like a match made in cyberspace.

The Binder Ladies post all of the local flyers from Target, Wal-mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, Haggen, Albertson's and more. So if you're planning your shopping night or weekend, or sitting in the long border line-up, make sure to visit their website to check out all the good deals.

Every day they post all the best deals on their home page or you can subscribe to get the daily deals direct to your inbox. They post all kinds of deals, from groceries and restaurants to toys, electronics, gifts and more. They even have a page dedicated to Canadians coming down to shop!

If you're not into getting more emails you should definitely "Like" them on Facebook or "Follow" them on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out on all of the crazy deals they find and share.

We'll keep a link to their site on ours as well, just in case you're looking for them....see over there ------>