If you shop in Washington frequently, you'll sometimes wish you had a US bank account or a US credit card. We've had a number of shippers ask us lately, so if you've been wondering, how do I get a US Credit Card, you're not alone. Did you know there's a bank that will set up free bank accounts with your Canadian address?

It's our local bank, and it's called Peoples. Not only will they set up a checking account for you with your Canadian address, they will also provide all of these additional benefits, that are awesome for Canadians that are shopping across the border.

Benefits of Peoples US Bank Accounts

  • No fees. You need to start with $100 in your account, but there are no minimum balances and no monthly fees. Nothing like a free bank account!
  • Debit card that can be used at any store and lots of ATM's here in WA with no surcharges.
  • A Visa, yep your debit card is also a Visa. That means you get a US credit card and US debit card all in one and you can shop at stores or online with the Visa. When you use it, it will take cash out of your checking account just like writing a cheque.
  • Online banking account so you can see your balance anytime. If you set up an account with you can also transfer funds to your US bank account at lower exchange fees than the banks.

So how do I get a US credit card and bank account?

  1. Make sure you have your ID, i.e. Driver's License. You will not need a US address or social security number to open an account at Peoples.
  2. Visit one of the Peoples branches. The closest branch to the Peace Arch and Truck Crossing borders is in Ferndale. See address and hours below.
  3. Just let the teller know you're there to set up a "Free Basic Checking" account. Nathan is who we normally deal with at the Ferndale branch, so if you see him, say "hi" from the Knaus family :)

Peoples Bank - Ferndale Branch

1895 E. Main Street
Ferndale, WA 98248
t: (360) 380-1014
f: (360) 380-1401

Branch Hours:
Monday-Friday / 9:00 to 7:00
Saturday / 10:00 to 4:00

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