As frequent travelers across the truck crossing and Peace Arch Border Crossing, we've made our fair share of border crossing faux pas.

US Border Guards expect you to know and abide by the unwritten Blaine border crossing rules--well maybe they're written somewhere, but they're definitely not posted at the border, where you need them.

As you're heading down to pick-up your parcel, keep these US border crossing rules in mind.

  1. When approaching the booth at the truck crossing, don't move forward unless you can clear the big yellow scanners (we think that's what they are anyways).
  2. Silence your cell phone.
    Buzzing or ringing phones is a sure way to annoy the border guard. 
  3. Don't talk on your phone.
    And make sure no one in the vehicle is on the phone (this is worse than your phone ringing).
  4. Turn your music off.
  5. Open ALL of your drivers side windows.
    They like to peek in, so unless you want to appear as though you're hiding something, open all your windows and mini-van sliding doors.
  6. Take your sunglasses off.
    Hats seem to be okay, but the border guards definitely don't like sunglasses.
  7. Smile!
    You've heard the saying, "you get the bees with the honey" right? The nicer you are to the border guards, the nicer they'll be to you.
What tips do you have for getting through the Blaine WA Border Crossing as painlessly as possible? Share them below.