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There are numerous reasons and many cost-saving advantages to setting up a US Address for your online purchases. Here are the top five.

  1. CHEAPER ONLINE PRODUCTS: Even with the exchange rate difference, the same item from a US company is often cheaper than from a Canadian company.
  2. CHEAPER SHIPPING TO US THAN CANADA: Oftentimes, the difference in shipping costs alone, make the trip to Blaine worthwhile.
  3. NO CUSTOMS FEES: By transporting your own goods across the border (being your own customs broker) you save the customs brokerage fee that the courier company will automatically charge you when they deliver your parcel (typically around $40). Shippers don't always know or forewarn you about this before you order and ship your parcel direct to Canada.
  4. CHEAPER LOCAL GAS: Once across the border, you'll find you can save more money by fueling up (this is the cheapest gas station on the way to Ship2Blaine and cheaper than in Blaine). Our SUV is over $80 to fill-up in canada and $60 to gas up in Blaine. That's $20 savings with every fill.
  5. CHEAPER LOCAL DAIRY: Milk, cheese and eggs are substantially less expensive here. A 2lb brick of cheese is often $5.99 or $6.99, compared to $12-13 in Canada. 
What are your top reasons for shipping to a US Address? We'd love to hear.

If you don't have a US Address yet and would like one, make sure you set up a free account with Ship2Blaine today - the only "by-donation" shipping service in Blaine, WA with 365 day, 24/7 pick-up availability.