Do you love as much as us? If you do, and making the world a better place is important to you, then you'll also love knowing that every purchase you make on can help communities in the real Brazilian no cost to you.

A local non-profit organization here in Washington helps communities in the Brazilian Amazon. They are called Community Empowerment Network and have set up a special fundraising program with 

By using this special link every time you shop on, up to 6% of your purchase will be donated to Community Empowerment Network to support their efforts in empowering rural communities in the Brazilian Amazon to become more self reliant. They do this by:

  • Helping residents understand that they can solve their own problems
  • Strengthening the skills and resources they need to lead their communities and build sustainable livelihoods
  • Partnering with a wide range of organizations to remove obstacles, such as lack of energy or limited access to capital and markets, that could otherwise prevent their success
As result, communities and their residents are able to break the cycle of poverty and foster long-term, sustainable development. Learn More
If you'd like to support this great cause we encourage you to bookmark this link as your go-to landing page or revisit our website to access the link on the bottom right corner of every page.