Okay, our most FAQ now has its own page. Hopefully this answers the ongoing question, "How much should I donate?"

There is no set donation amount and we've received everything from a couple dollars to a couple hundred dollars. We are happy to receive either Canadian or US dollars, it's really up to you and what you feel the service is worth. 

Shippers donate more for larger parcels, longer storage, multiple parcels and extra services provided...such as short notice, strange hours, etc. 

The going rate for other local, no annual fee, pick-up business services range from $3.50-$19 per parcel depending on size/weight. Storage is included for 2 weeks and after that you are charged additional fees per day or week. For more information on how Ship2Blaine compares to other local services click here or here.

If you're ready to start sending parcels, register here and start shipping!