Are you a Canadian Business in need of a US Return Address for online purchases made by US customers? We're able to assist any Canadian online seller, including Amazon sellers, providing the use of our US address for your customers returns.

More often than not, shipping returns or exchanges back to Canada is cost-prohibitive and frowned upon by online stores such as Amazon. Having a US address for your returns makes it easier for customers and less costly for you. As a small, family-run service provider we're flexible and accommodating...ideal for Canadian companies just starting to sell to US customers online, those who don't quite meet the volumes required by larger returns services, or those wanting to support our family and our kids' college fund.

Ship2Blaine currently offers the following services, however we are flexible and open to discussing an efficient, cost-effective and time saving program that works for you.

  • receiving of all return or exchange shipments
  • recording of sender, order number and date returned (we use Google Spreadsheets as it's free and allows for real-time access to your return information)
  • stockpiling and returning of merchandise to you OR recycling/disposing of returned merchandise
  • recycling/disposing of shipping and packing materials

Based upon your needs we will work with you to determine a per return donation amount or a flat monthly rate. Recycling and disposal fees, if required, would be billed directly to you by the local service provider.

If you're interested in talking to us about how we can help, please send us an email or give Shawn a call at (360) 371-0977.